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For this 6/9, we present: The Pint of No Return

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Oh hi!

We’ve been quietly laboring under our little DD69 rock to bring you a new record on this, our most favorite of favoritest holidays, the 9th of June. Please enjoy our return to ska-rock form with our newest release “The Pint of No Return”. You can name your price for downloads (yes, FREE, even), so go get some!

Undoubtedly we will bring you more details about some of the music and the inspirations behind it, but it’s late and we should get some rest now.

Okay, maybe just one more nightcap…

Our fourth “baby” actually arrives

Thursday, October 25th, 2012
Get Up

DD69 presents: Get Up

Despite the fact that we released our fourth record “Get Up” on 6/9, we didn’t actually have CDs at the time. As mentioned previously here, even though it is considered by many to be an archaic medium, we still like to get a small batch of CDs manufactured for each release.

So after the online release in June, there were several months of reality to manage. Some was fun (summer, yay!) and some was not quite as much fun (reality, boo!). Now that things are settling down into the fall season, we’re picking up on our songwriting and recording. And we also finally got our CDs.

They’ll be available soon at CD Baby if you’re interested in picking one up. And as always, you can name your price (including free) for DD69 music downloads.

Feels like the first (old) time

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

As big as it's gonna get

As silly and anachronistic as it might be, we are excited because the box of CDs of our latest record “As Big As You Can Get It!” arrived today.

There’s something about having a physical record or CD in our hands that makes things final for us.

Given our past track record we could probably spend another 10 years tweaking mixes and adding and subtracting parts from the latest batch of songs. It’s turned out that if we decide to invest in making some CDs it solidifies the fact that we are done with those songs and can move on to new material.

This may seem nonsensical to creative types that aren’t anal-retentive. It may be silly considering that an increasing number of people either buy MP3s to begin with or rip their albums and CDs to MP3 formats.

For our endlessly revisionist mindset, though, it’s turned into the physical representation of a cork popping out of a champagne bottle. That’s an analogy that’s not lost on a group of guys calling their band drunkdude69.

The title of our third record is…

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

If only we could make it bigger...

We have reached our unanimous decision to call our upcoming release: As Big As You Can Get It

The title is already widely being hailed as genius by many. Or at least some. Okay, maybe a few.

We are just beside ourselves with glee to come up with the art for this one.

Full-length song previews, lyrics, and more

Monday, April 25th, 2011

We recently got turned on to (thanks Reddit).  We decided we wanted to centralize our music downloads there, so even though you can find our mp3s elsewhere online, Bandcamp is where we’ll be doing the most with our songs.

Bandcamp lets you listen to the entire song – not just some short snippet. We can also add lyrics and comments about the song itself: what it’s about, why we wrote it, and other weird bits of information you may find interesting. And we can price albums and individual downloads the way we want to.

We’re still exploring other cool things we can do with Bandcamp (different art for each song, band nudie pics) (oops, sorry, kidding about the nudie pics). So go check out our page there already! Let us know what you think.