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Scott’s new record Foray is available now

Monday, May 1st, 2017
Scott's new album: Foray

Scott’s new album: Foray

Although the ‘dude is on hiatus, one of them has been sort-of busy: Scott has released a new album titled Foray!

For the most part it’s a departure from the funk/ska/rock perpetrated by DD69, veering more into modern rock territory with perhaps a touch of pop.

You can find out more, and check out the tunes via his website

For this 6/9, we present: The Pint of No Return

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Oh hi!

We’ve been quietly laboring under our little DD69 rock to bring you a new record on this, our most favorite of favoritest holidays, the 9th of June. Please enjoy our return to ska-rock form with our newest release “The Pint of No Return”. You can name your price for downloads (yes, FREE, even), so go get some!

Undoubtedly we will bring you more details about some of the music and the inspirations behind it, but it’s late and we should get some rest now.

Okay, maybe just one more nightcap…

“As Big As You Can Get It!” is online

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Grinding out the hits, er, songs

We’re releasing our third record, “As Big As You Can Get It!” online today.

You know, because it’s 6/9.

We’re boldly stepping into the 21st century:

  • Listen to full-length previews at
  • Name your own price for downloads if you like the music and want to contribute to our efforts
  • Download the music for free if you choose
  • We’re applying that to all three of our releases

Hmm, all this “bold stepping” is making us thirsty! While we go get a libation, we hope you’ll check out the new tunes!

June happenings

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Blue skies on Mars. Finally.

Ahh, it finally stopped raining here in Cleveland. It was getting just about biblical with the precipitation, but we finally seem to be getting some summer sun.

With that bright and cheery fact in mind, we are thrilled to release our third album “As Big As You Can Get It!” this month. We’ll be doing an online release with minimal fanfare on June 9th (which also happens to be our frequent collaborator Jay Goodman’s birthday – happy birthday Jayfronius!).

We’ve got more in store for the month, so we hope you’ll stop back a few times to check things out!