• Le Soixante Neuf

    Oh oui oui, baby.

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  • Scott’s album ‘Foray’ is out now

    New rock from DD69's Scott Martin

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  • The Pint of No Return

    Get the latest DD69 album now!

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  • Oui Oui! Le Soixante neuf! - It’s been about a year since we last posted around February. It’s still ultra-cold in Cleveland, but if you happen to be in France (you are from France? I AM FROM FRANCE!) you might be enjoying slightly less snow. I don’t know, I’m just guessing since I didn’t take this[...]
  • Brrrr! - From a story at Cleveland 5’s website: the Great Lakes are 69% iced over. Now that’s chilly. Thanks to Mike for bringing this amazing natural phenomenon to our attention!
  • Scott’s new record Foray is available now - Although the 'dude is on hiatus, one of them has been sort-of busy: Scott has released a new album titled Foray!
  • For this 6/9, we present: The Pint of No Return - Oh hi! We’ve been quietly laboring under our little DD69 rock to bring you a new record on this, our most favorite of favoritest holidays, the 9th of June. Please enjoy our return to ska-rock form with our newest release “The Pint of No Return”. You can name your price[...]
  • Saturday 69: Equilibrium - It’s sixty-nine inside; it’s sixty-nine outside. A yin-yang of temperature balance. I feel like I should write a haiku. Maybe tomorrow.