Coverage 3

Another potential album title/cover mock-up.  I’ve been wanting to call the upcoming release “Wigs & Liquor” for several years.  Why a devil-mannequin?  It came to me in a dream.  Allegedly.

Next Big Thing (demo)

Hellpellet and I had an awesome experience at Podcamp Pittsburgh this past October.  Unknowingly, as I enjoyed various discussions and made some new friends, I was filing away some songwriting inspiration about the nature of online notoriety. The (interim) end result is “Next Big Thing”. It wound up being a[…]

At least we didn’t spend $2 million dollars

Of course she’s already sold more records than we have, and they’re calling her album stiff.  Hmm, come to think of it, maybe some plastic surgery would do wonders for our marketability… http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34982637/ns/entertainment/

Does my Mojo make you horny baby?

With the new Pro Tools setup, I can finally use some cool virtual instruments.  Thank goodness, or some of these songs would never be finished. I got a virtual horn section called “Mojo” from Vir2 instruments (B&H Photo had the best price, by the way).  I finally had a chance[…]

Nice rack

We had a solid studio night last night.  Mike and I convened to do some recording and to install the new Pro Tools 003 rig. Before we did anything hardware-related, we recorded one last track on the old Digi 001: the bass track for “Lose U Baby”.  It’s a fun[…]

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

New music gear arrived today.  It’s like it’s Christmas all over again.  I am beside myself. After 10 years of using Digidesign’s Digi 001 in conjunction with my custom built PC as the DAW of choice around here (and being stuck at Pro Tools version 6.4 for the last several[…]

No time 4 blogging

So, I have the ability to post, but not the time. What’s one to do? Explain why no time, I reckon. I have begun preparing for the Ohio Bar Exam, to take place the last week of February. I started law school so long ago, that this almost all seems[…]

Plus you can put your blunts in there

Our friend (and outstanding artist) Angelia sent along a link to some local guys who make some cool instruments: ” Check out these funky guitars made from recycled cigar boxes.  These guys are located in Cuyahoga county and sell through Eye Candy Gallery in Tremont.  Go to the video link[…]