Studio Night

A new theme?

We spent Sunday alternately watching football (by the way, the RedZone channel may forever replace the way we watch football) and working in the studio.  Our main goal was to get all the parts recorded for a potential new theme song for ESPN’s WKNR 850 radio show “Afternoon R & R” with Michael Reghi and Kenny Roda.

We were fortunate to be able to create a theme song for Kenny Roda’s previous show, and we’re excited about the new song.  It’s based on a song called “It’s Alive” from the upcoming drunkdude69 record Wigs & Liquor.

As always Jay Goodman, singer in the Cleveland band Skinny Moo, came through with fantastic creative contributions to both lyrics and melody.  It’s particularly cool to listen to the song from the album and then listen to the completely different vocal melody that Jay came up with for the theme song.

I can’t explain why I think that is so cool in typed words.  I suppose I could if I used a lot of words to do it, but they seem to fail me when I want to describe the inexplicable fluidity of music and melody and rhythm and rhyme.  I’ll just say I’m thrilled and amazed at the way different people can listen to a piece of music and hear it in their own unique way.

That’s one reason why I’ll keep making music as long as I possibly can.

We’re hoping that the ESPN folks and Mike and Kenny like the song enough to use it.  We’ll post an MP3 shortly.