Our holiday present has arrived

Just in time for Christmas, the new drunkdude69 CDs have arrived. We did a short-run with Discmakers, and the CDs turned out really well.  The printing is crisp and vibrant, the art looks great on the actual disc, and it sounds just like the master. The CD should be available[…]

Afternoon R&R video

While we were down at WKNR here in Cleveland a few weeks ago to premiere the new theme song for the ESPN Cleveland show “Afternoon R&R“, Jay Goodman and I shot a bunch of video. Since I’ve been in the throes of finishing the art for the upcoming DD69 album[…]

Tune in to WKNR on Monday

Mike and I, along with Skinny Moo‘s Jay Goodman (@skinnymoojay), will join Kenny Roda and Michael Reghi (@ReghiandRoda) on ESPN Cleveland radio Monday 10/4 at 5:00PM to premiere the new “Afternoon R&R” theme song. The song is based on a drunkdude69 song called “It’s Alive”, which is on our upcoming[…]

A new theme?

We spent Sunday alternately watching football (by the way, the RedZone channel may forever replace the way we watch football) and working in the studio.  Our main goal was to get all the parts recorded for a potential new theme song for ESPN’s WKNR 850 radio show “Afternoon R &[…]

We are calling the upcoming album…

…Wigs & Liquor. Yes, that title has won our hearts.  In the process of picking the title, we also chose the name of our third record, which is already well underway. We’re figuring out what to do for the art and packaging, as well as what we will manufacture and[…]

A blast from the past: Mike Farley Band

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since the Mike Farley Band released their album Halfaworldaway. Around that time I was playing keys in the Tony Lang Band, playing guitar and producing music with Tom Smith, and writing and performing with the nascent version of drunkdude69.  The TLB split a[…]

DD69 special guest: Jay Goodman

Skinny Moo front man Jay Goodman came out tonight to provide some guest vocals for one of our upcoming songs. As always it’s a pleasure to include his performance on some DD69 music. He provided guest vocals on Funk Out With Your Junk Out, adding an entertaining spoken word part[…]

DD69 and An’Angelia featured on Ovation TV

We mentioned earlier that our friend Angie created a video of her creating one of her cool pieces of art, and she used one of our upcoming songs for the soundtrack. She dropped us a line to let us know that the video is currently being featured on Ovation TV. […]


We had a great mastering session at Ante Up.  It was a kind of “first date” with Chris Keffer, who was the mastering engineer. Mike, K-Billy and I really enjoyed the session.  We were only working on a couple songs, so it didn’t last very long, but Chris was generous[…]