Wanting Everything

This song has been languishing since some time in April. As usual, the mix/instrumentation isn’t quite done, but the song is finished. Here’s to hauling another one out of the dd69 underground storage before it gets too moldy. Wanting Everything [audio:WantedEverything.mp3] This music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No[…]

Welcome To Another Day

This funky re-working of an old Foonspeeders song has been under wraps way too long.  The mix is (as usual) not finished to our liking, but when we finish tweaking it out in five years, it might not wind up sounding too much different.  I’ll definitely re-record the guitar solo[…]

New Music

In a previous post,  we talked about sharing some new, unfinished and unpolished music that we’re working on.  Here’s one that’s in progress. It’s called “Lose You Baby”. We haven’t quite fleshed out all the parts yet, and if you listen closely, you can probably hear the washer and dryer[…]


Oh wow, too much slack around here.  There have still been studio nights every Thursday, and we’ve got a bunch of cool tunes in the hopper (our goal to get songs finished by February was an impressive success: 8 songs are ready for mastering), but updating our public face has[…]

On the Air

Since we instituted studio night, we’ve been pretty productive musically.  While it took us a number of years (okay, eight f#cking years) to finish our first record, it’s taken us about a year to get the bulk of another one done.  Meanwhile we’ve found that, with the old stuff out[…]

Today Special

Hey, happy leap day. I guess it is a special day. But that isn’t what this post is about.

We had a really enjoyable studio night last night. After what seemes like years of mixing and mastering, we’ve finally started to get back to the fun part: making new music.

We’ve got a storehouse of riffs that we’ve amassed over the years. Lots of the musical ideas have come from teensy little pieces of really long jams that we’ve recorded. Other ideas have dropped, fully-formed, out of our heads and hands. Generally that’s what we start with.

Welcome to “Studio Night”

Once or twice a week we get together to work on new songs and to mix or master songs we’re planning to release. Sometimes we even rehearse on studio night. We should probably do that more often. Tonight Mike and Scott sat down to finish the last track of an[…]