Studio Night

Free downloads: Afternoon R&R Themes

"You can only hope to hear me on your radio..."

We’ve posted both the regular and extended versions of the theme song for ESPN Cleveland radio’s drive-time sports talk show “Afternoon R & R“. Our thanks to the folks at WKNR 850 AM, especially to hosts Mike Reghi and Kenny Roda.

As we’ve detailed several times before, the theme song is based on the DD69 track “It’s Alive” (released on the album Wigs & Liquor). We collaborated with Jay Goodman of Skinny Moo to create a new melody and lyrics to lay over the music, and Kenny Roda threw his hat into the ring by adding some of the extended version lyrics.

Thanks to everyone involved – we’re always excited about collaborating and getting our music to a wider audience.

You can download the theme songs for free here.