Studio Night

Rehearsal night

We spent the bulk of last night’s studio night rehearsing together.  We really need to knock the rust off.

Mike’s trying to remember all the parts he used to play.  Kenny is still learning bits and pieces of songs.  I’m trying to remember how to do the guitar foot pedal dance.

We haven’t even had a chance to rehearse with Charley playing drums.  We’re scheduled to do that on Monday.  Meanwhile we have the drum tracks from recordings, so we can at least try to get our parts and sounds and vocals together.

Playing live and recording are such different animals.  Guaranteed there will be some stripping down of the songs for live performance.  It’s kind of cool, though.  Very lo-fi and rock-and-roll.  It would be cool to record a decent rehearsal and compare the vibe of the live version to the recording.