Studio Night

Roll and Rock

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’I think we’ve discovered our new favorite sport: roller derby.

HP, Mike, Rayray and I had the pleasure of catching some of the Burning River Roller Girls bouts this past Saturday.   I think Mike put it best when he said:

“What a totally COOL group of women. Totally awesome. What I like about the sport is that it is the one sport that does not fashion itself after some male sport. It is completely feminine, and as a result mini-skirts and lingerie are all acceptable while they beat the shit out of each other. It is perfect… men simply stand on the sidelines drinking beer.”

We all concur.  A hearty DD69 toast to the women of Hard Knockers, Hellbombers, Cleveland Steamers and the Rolling Pin-Ups.  We salute you, and we can’t wait to play a gig in the middle of the flat track.