Studio Night

Song evolution (part 1: a jam)

Nice rack.

We labor over the songs we write. Music, lyrics, tempo, sounds… we’re always trying to get it to sound in our ears the way we hear it in our heads. Sometimes that takes a while.

Okay, most of the time it takes a while. But we’re usually pretty pleased with the results, and it’s really a labor of love. We decided to detail the evolution of a “new” song that will be released on our upcoming album As Big As You Can Get It.

This song is actually one of our newer ideas (unlike, say, “Martini” or “Off Center”, which date back in some form to 1987 give or take), having sprung from a jam in September 2009.

At this point the song was moving at 77 beats per minute and was called “SN_2009-09-02”, which is DD69 filename lingo for “studio night” and the date. Here’s what part of the initial jam sounded like:


Up next: a rough edit