Studio Night 5/4/11

We had a pretty productive evening here on Wednesday night. We’re focusing on finishing the tracking for the songs we plan to release on our upcoming third album, and last night was all about bass. Mike recorded bass tracks for two songs last night: “The Next Minute” and “50 States[…]

Studio night reunion

We had an amazing studio night last night, due in part to some special guests.  Jeff Beam, who we’ve known for years, and who is an amazing bass player, joined us for part of the evening.  He brought along his muse Natalie as well, and we caught up for a[…]

One Man On Bass

In our continuing quest to not spend, oh, I don’t know, years working on the same material, I’ve suggested a goal that we will finish the recordings we’ve got in progress by the end of February.  Bad enough that we pull open a session file and see that the last[…]