Wigs & Liquor

Designing Wigs (part 3)

After coming up with some design concepts and doing some sketches and mock-ups, I started work on the final design. I wanted the design to look like an illustration, so I decided to use Adobe Illustrator. I often hand-draw elements, scan them, and import them into Illustrator. Once in Illustrator,[…]

Designing wigs (part 2)

After being inspired by a “lowbrow art” sticker we found (which came from a cereal box long, long ago), we wanted to have the album art for “Wigs & Liquor” reflect that vibe. I wanted to have a devil girl on the cover, and I thought it would be cool[…]

Designing wigs (part 1)

We’ve had a number of people ask us about the inspiration for (and design process of) the packaging for Wigs & Liquor. Since we had a good time putting it together, we thought we’d share how it happened. While we were working on the music (you know, the important part)[…]

We have sold out

We recently heard from CD Baby that we had sold out of copies of “Funk Out With Your Junk Out“. Err, what? Weirdly, the last few copies sold in the last few weeks. We’re not sure how people found out about it (tell us!) but we’re grateful for the opportunity[…]

Our holiday present has arrived

Just in time for Christmas, the new drunkdude69 CDs have arrived. We did a short-run with Discmakers, and the CDs turned out really well.  The printing is crisp and vibrant, the art looks great on the actual disc, and it sounds just like the master. The CD should be available[…]

We want Wigs & Liquor

While we’re eagerly awaiting a little DD69 holiday package full of our new CDs, we thought we’d share the final art. It was inspired by the work of Coop, who does some really cool stuff.

We are calling the upcoming album…

…Wigs & Liquor. Yes, that title has won our hearts.  In the process of picking the title, we also chose the name of our third record, which is already well underway. We’re figuring out what to do for the art and packaging, as well as what we will manufacture and[…]