Studio Night

The Cleveland Independent Christmas Crash Soiree


We’re excited to play live on Saturday December 26th (after a loooong hiatus).  It sounds like the Cleveland Independent’s post-holiday party will be lots of fun.

You can keep track of the event details here (via Facebook).   We’ll also post more information as we get it.  The basic info:

The Cleveland Independent Christmas Crash Soiree
Roc Bar
1220 Old River Road
Cleveland Ohio 44113

There are a number of bands lined up to entertain during the evening, and we understand we’ll be in really good company.  Hopefully we won’t make a big mess of ourselves / the stage / anything at all.

And hey, if you arrived here from the Skinny Moo email, welcome!  You had no idea Scotty and Charley rocked out in a drunkdude stylee, did you?

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