Studio Night

The Pedaltrain

I’ve played guitar (in my special sem-slop style) for a number of years.  I’ve never really used a pedalboard, opting instead to go as minimalist as possible with a tuner pedal, a wah pedal, and maybe a third pedal of some sort (tremolo, whatever).

However, since I was a good boy last year (allegedly), Santy Claus brought me a Pedaltrain pedalboard.  It’s only taken me a little over four months to get it together.  At least my first stab at it.

Turns out I have a handful of nice pedals.  I have a Boss delay pedal that I stopped using because it ate batteries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I have a Boss super chorus pedal that I stopped using because it didn’t fit into any of the music we were playing.  I have a DOD auto-wah pedal that I don’t use very much because I generally use my wah pedal instead.

So, with a new power supply and the pedalboard, I set out to put a few things together, including the pedals I don’t generally use.  I have the Pedaltrain JR, which will keep me from going overboard and attaching all my pedals, switches, and the cat.

The Pedaltrain board is pretty cool.  Lightweight aluminum set up in a sloping style, with horizontal slats that allow you to route cables underneath.  It came with brackets to attach a power supply underneath as well.  Velcro goes on the slats and on the backs of your pedals to keep everything in place.

I took a first shot at setting everything up.  I think I want to get a few different patch cables since the ones I’m using force the pedals to be a little further apart than I’d like.  Otherwise it’s pretty cool.  Now I just have to reconstitute some of my guitar playing skills from the dehydrated, powdered state they are in.

That will be a long ride on the old pedaltrain for sure.