Studio Night

Welcome To Another Day

This funky re-working of an old Foonspeeders song has been under wraps way too long.  The mix is (as usual) not finished to our liking, but when we finish tweaking it out in five years, it might not wind up sounding too much different.  I’ll definitely re-record the guitar solo and keep the microphone out of the glass of water next time.

The song features our late friend Scott Haumesser on drums, which we recorded in the living room of our former residence, the fabled Foonspeeder Ranch.

It’s a song we really dig.  Hope you like it too.

Another (Funky) Day

Creative Commons License

The words:

Welcome to another day
The pounding on your door is opportunity
Don’t let it slip away
Coffee’s on before it’s light
All the good intentions in the waking world
Won’t make a damn thing right

Start the car
Daydream through rush hour
Rank and file
Imagine another day

Standing there with feet of clay
You’ll aspire only to complacency
And then you’ll fade away
Take another coffee break
Swear you’ll keep that list of private promises
You can’t afford to make

You’re just killing time
Convince yourself
Tomorrow is another day

You could spend a lifetime
Examining where you’ve been
But you’ve got to walk in a straight line
You can’t just circle around again
You’ve got to live like you have not got another day