Studio Night

You wish you had this keyboard

Tomorrow morning I’ll be visiting the Q104 Morning Show.  I am bringing my most portable keyboard. It runs on five “D” batteries.  It’s got built in rhythm accompaniment, vibrato and sustain effects, and reverb.

I’ve had it since I was about twelve.  I bought it at Service Merchandise, a catalog showroom where you’d find the item you wanted in a display, fill out a form, and the item would roll out of a mysterious conveyor at the front of the store NIB*.

I bought it with my own cash.  I wrote and recorded many songs on it (mostly on an old Sony reel-to-reel tape machine, which is lurking around here somewhere).  It’s traveled with me through all of these years and I’m just cackling with glee that I’m bringing it to play on the radio tomorrow morning.

Without further ado:


Yes.  It is my Casiotone.  I plan to rock its retro chassis with abandon.

\m/_    _\m/

* = New In Box